How to keep your pet feeling safe this firework season.

It’s coming up to the time of year when the sky lights up with multiple dazzling displays. I hope your pet is like my current furry boy who sits at the window mesmerised. However most animals are scared by the loud bangs and ear splitting whistles that accompany fireworks. If your furry companion is distressed […]

Important information about ‘Alabama Rot’ in dogs

Cutaneous and renal glomerular vasculopathy/Alabama rot – Information Sheet for Clients  We have had a lot of queries recently regarding Alabama Rot and how to prevent your dogs from exposure. At this point this is a poorly understood disease, and we have copied the information sheet from Anderson Moores Vet Specialists below to answer some […]

Conservative wound management

A case study of conservative wound management following a laceration to a hindlimb in a greyhound. PLEASE NOTE –  THIS POST INCLUDES SOME GRAPHIC PICTURES OF WOUNDS. We are all familiar with the concept of surgery to repair and close wounds in our pets, but sometimes we need to adopt what is known as ‘conservative […]

Infectious tracheobronchitis (‘kennel cough’)

Infectious tracheobronchitis (‘kennel cough’) Infectious tracheobronchitis (also known as kennel cough) is a social disease that can be spread anywhere that dogs meet: in parks, at training not just in kennels! It is more common in the summer months when people are out more with their dogs and going on holiday. It is important that […]

Ear Disease

Ear Disease Ear disease encompasses a wide variety of disorders with the most frequent being disease of the external or outer ear. External ear disease is a lot more widespread in dogs than cats and is a complex disease, which is often the result of underlying causes. Certain breeds of dogs such as German Shepherds, […]

The care and treatment of osteoarthritis in dogs and cats

The care and treatment of osteoarthritis in dogs and cats What is osteoarthritis (arthritis)? Osteoarthritis is a long term degenerative disease seen in both humans and animals that affects the joints and can restrict their range of movement. It is a painful condition and, generally, more evident in dogs than cats. While more commonly associated with […]

More news from Michael and the team

More news from Michael and the team Summer is here – but where’s our parking? Summer is bearing down on us again, with the longer evenings and warmer days an pleasurable change, especially for those of us who walk our dogs in the early morning. It is the time to check that flea and worming […]

Wet and windy at the Wokingham Winter Carnival

Wet and windy at the Wokingham Winter Carnival Once again this year we hosted a stand at the Wokingham Winter Carnival. While we met many pet owners interested in our practice, the main goal was to raise money for the National Animal Welfare Trust, in particular for Trindledown Farm Retirement Centre for Elderly Animals. Trindledown […]

Michael to compete in a half Ironman triathlon for charity

Michael to compete in a half Ironman triathlon for charity Michael is planning to compete in a half Ironman triathlon in June to raise money, primarily for the Leukaemia Research Fund. This challenging race involves a 1.2 mile swim, a 56 mile bike and a 13 mile run. Please support his efforts and help raise […]

Parking Bays

Parking Bays We waited long enough but the result is worth it. We have succeeded with a petition started in September 2005 to lift the waiting restrictions outside the practice and now have three 30min bays and a disabled bay directly in front of St Vincents. The improvement in accessibility for all of our clients […]