Parking Bays

We waited long enough but the result is worth it. We have succeeded with a petition started in September 2005 to lift the waiting restrictions outside the practice and now have three 30min bays and a disabled bay directly in front of St Vincents. The improvement in accessibility for all of our clients has made a significant to our business. In particular we are delighted that people with a disability are able to park right next to the practice when seeking care for their pets. Thank you to everyone who signed our petition.

As these bays are 30min parking only, most clients manage to find a space during our consulting hours with no problem. We are aware that on the odd occasion clients may still struggle to find parking in these bays, but there is an additional space in the driveway on our side of the building, as well as a large pay and display around the corner. Please contact the practice if you have any concerns regarding this matter.