We are experiencing a high volume of queries about our opening hours and availability with some owners expressing concern as to how to source medications etc. To this end we have taken some additional steps to help our clients during this challenging time. Please take note of the following and contact us on 0118 9793200 with any specific queries.

  1. Please ensure you order repeat medications including flea and worming treatments in good time. Currently we still have a daily wholesaler delivery and are able to source most products efficiently.
  2. The same goes for food – our wholesaler has adequate pet food in stock, but if you require us to order food in for you please do so in plenty of time.
  3. We are still offering routine consultations and surgery as I do not feel that a telephone consultation can replace a full clinical examination by one of our veterinary team. However in some circumstances we will do a telephone consultation for at risk or vulnerable people, normally for repeat medications or post op checks. (emailed photos of healing wounds etc can be quite useful in this scenario)
  4. We are prepared to deliver medications and orders to at risk or vulnerable people as we feel the the health of the pet is so important. The delivery times are variable and by individual arrangement, and in some cases a fee may apply. Please call us to discuss your particular situation.
  5. We can take payment over the phone in advance of collection to minimise contact time for those with any concerns.

As a veterinary practice we have an obligation to look after your pets, but in the current circumstances we will make every effort to keep our human clients as healthy and risk free as possible. We have increased our frequent sanitising protocols and have hand sanitising foam and hand wash freely available for staff and clients. If you have any specific concerns please call us on 0118 9793200. Animals can play such an important role in human health – mental as well as physical. And often the elderly and vulnerable people rely on the companionship and affection of their pets to give meaning and comfort to their lives. We will endeavour to provide care in a safe and effective manner to this group.

Interestingly one of my recent appointments was for a cat owned by a lady who is an A and E nurse. Unsurprisingly she is required to continue working as normal as the burden on NHS services is so high. And it highlighted the dilemma facing our practice – a dog vomiting blood or a cat who has been in a traffic accident require urgent veterinary attention and so we continue to operate as normal with the addition of the increased hygiene regime described. Should you, or any other pet owner, have any concerns about your pet and sourcing veterinary care during this difficult time please call us on 01189793200 to discuss your needs.

To finish off I would like to share a story from one of my clients earlier this week. He had just come from a superstore where there was a sign by the toilet rolls saying please to only take one per customer. And there on the shelf was a packet of toilet rolls with one end ripped open and just the one roll missing! What a wonderful example of human selflessness in a time when panic buying and selfishness consume our society. If we could all approach things with a ‘just take the one roll’ mentality and look out for each other it will be so much easier to get through this difficult time. This story really touched me in a time when we continuously hear so much negativity.

Michael Morrow owns and runs St Vincents Veterinary Surgery, an independent family owned practice providing personal care for pets in and around Wokingham since 2005. Well known for his love of animals and interacting with clients, Michael has been looking after pets in Wokingham for over 20 years. Should you have any concerns about your pet please call the practice on 0118 9793200 or visit www.stvincentsvets.co.uk to find out more about the practice.